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Science Showcase

A virtual art gallery celebrating the creativity of LEAD's art students.


Biology I & II Spotlight

Biology students have worked on a wide variety of projects throughout the year that bring Biology content into real world situations. Here are just some that LEAD would like to highlight as outstanding.

Evolutionary Story of a Living Thing

Students researched and presented information describing the evolution of their animal of choice.  Students provided evidence for at least 3 ancestors of the animal and how it is related to the current day animal. Student presented their findings in front of the class in a formal presentation.

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Biomolecule Hero Presentations

    Biomolecules are an organic molecule that includes carbohydrates, protein, lipids, and nucleic acids. They are important for the survival of living cells.

    In this project each student will be given an important biomolecule and students must research their biomolecule and give an evidenced based argument as to why their biomolecule is important to the body, what happens if it isn’t present or there is an excess, in other words why their biomolecule is a hero. Below are links to a few presentations:

Digital Scrapbooks, COVID-19 Outbreak

    For the duration of the 2 weeks that we are out of school, you will be making a digital scrapbook of the virus outbreak. Each week day that we are out, you are to create a slide for that day. This is a neat way for you to document your feelings, concerns, fears, or even have a laugh about the toilet paper shortage! You can add some funny memes that you see, etc. Make this your own and I can’t wait to see what you do! Make sure your info is factual and not fake news! Below are links to some of these presentations:

Covid 19

Two + Two

Students acted as science consultants for a new “Science Matters” news segment.  They wrote in letters responding to the question “If two sets of identical twins get married and each couple has a child, could the resulting children be identical?” They were expected to answer the viewer’s question with evidence and context from knowledge they gained throughout a variety of class activities.

Cell Membrane Mini Model Project

The cell membrane is critical to the maintenance of homeostasis in living organisms. The cell membrane separates the cell from the external environment and plays a critical role in regulating movement of material in and out of the cell. Additionally, eukaryotic cells are made complex by the presence of internal membranes that form organelles, so the cells may become specialized. These organelle membranes create compartments within the cell that can do specific functions.

    In this project students will be recreating a subset of the cell membrane showcasing a number of different components that help the cell membrane carry out the regulatory functions of allowing certain materials in and out of the cell. 

Emily J.
Holding Plant

Human Impact

Students researched and created either an awareness campaign or designed a solution for an environmental issue of their choice. Students created a PowerPoint informing the audience about the issue as well as the target audience before displaying their awareness campaign or solution.


Chemistry Spotlight

In the “Adopt a Molecule” project, students selected a molecule about which they were interested in conducting research. They learned not only the history and uses of that molecule, but also how its chemical makeup contributes to its structure and properties that allows it to be used for its purpose. They learned these things through online research and applied those understandings in modeling their molecule. 


Psychology Spotlight


Psychology Video

Created by Sophia Delk, Emma Moore, Cassie Paczosa, and Gracie Rodriguez (11th)


Caleigh Albani (10th)

A brief overview of a year's knowledge from a student in Psychology at LEAD in the form of an infographic.


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