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Meet The Makers

Learn about the people behind the website!

This page is a list of the people that helped to create and perfect this website, hands on. Each person has written a small reflection about their background, their journey through making this website, and the purpose of this website to them.

The Team

These are the people who have made this virtual showcase possible!

Kelsey Jury

Art Facilitator

After the reality of the COVID 19 pandemic set in and I realized I would be teaching from home for the remainder of the school year, I began to think about all of the incredible artwork that was supposed to be shown both at the district Art Fair and the LEAD Showcase night. I do not want any of that hard work to go uncelebrated so I went to work on an Art Website that eventually turned into the LEAD Showcase website. I was happy that Evelyn wanted to join so I could work as in a team and bounce ideas off of each other. I hope you take time to truly enjoy the many talents that I am happy to witness each day at LEAD.

mrs jury for blurb.jpg

Evelyn Headley

9th Grade Student

This website is considered to be my project for my Design Thinking class, but I didn't originally plan on doing it for a grade; I was asked if I wanted to help, and it was similar enough to my actual project idea that my teachers decided it would be best to combine the two. I loved helping to make this website, gathering information gives you a lot of cool knowledge on students and teachers! This opportunity to be connected more with the school and more out there, has helped me step out of my comfort zone, which ultimately made me a better 'me'.

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