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Math Showcase

Even in math class, art skills and creativity need to be recognized. Here are some examples of creative and real-world application math projects.

Math 19-20: News

Trigonometry Spotlight

Math 19-20: Text

Trigonometry Children's Book

Trigonometry class was challenged to show their skills through a Children's book.  

Children's Storybooks

Accelerated Algebra II Spotlight

Math 19-20: Text
Image by Antoine Dautry

Polynomial Functions Project

Students had to find/take a picture that is a polynomial.  Then they had to create an equation of “best-fit,” find the intercepts, and describe the end behavior.

Zander Ornes (10th)

Carter Thoe (9th)

Austin Haggard (10th)

Otto Beers (10th)

Luke Spaeth (9th)

Matthew Nunez (9th)

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