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Mixed Media

An advanced course that focuses on experimentation of a variety of media including found objects, reliefs, weaving, land art, collage and printmaking. Each student chose a concentration/ theme that inspired their various concepts. Many concentrations evolved throughout the semester. 

Facilitated By: Ms. Jury

Symbols in Nature & Myself
Madi W. (11th)

My concentration is using symbols in nature to show how I’ve grown and learned about myself. I’ve done a lot of research about different symbols in nature but some of the ideas also just come from me and how I feel I’ve grown or what I’ve learned about myself. In my pieces I’m going to use the different symbols I’ve researched to represent these different aspects.

Ancient Cultures
Ethan J. (11th)

My concentration focuses on ancient culture, ideas and traditions. I wanted to display ideas and traditions from different time periods.

Greek Mythology
Codi D. (12th)

My concentration is Greek Mythology such as Greek gods/goddesses and stories about them or other heroes/ characters, Each project helps tell the story of a different Greek goddess or god.

In the Kitchen
Makenna W. (10th)

My concentration is about my love of baking and desserts, I choose different images, colors and textures that invoke the feeling I get when I’m baking. My collage is about chocolate chip cookies. They were one of the first things I ever learned to bake. I feel that chocolate chip cookies are something that most people grew up eating so I tried to show a happy child-like vibe through bright and cheerful colors. I also experimented with using different shapes and sizes as well as different types of material to give a whimsical vibe.

Nicholas M. (11th)

The focus of my concentration is all about Ford Motor Co. Each project will cover a current day vehicle offering while incorporating facts about the company/vehicle, features s specification, logos, etc

Accursed Be, Amen
Charlie P. (12th)

My concentration is about the darker side of occultism, spirituality, and the supernatural. I aim to explore the creepy crawly. I make things that would go bump in the night, given the chance. I wanted to take something that I, personally, have been trying to give good PR and make it bad. Make it nasty. Make it disturbing. Make it forbidden and terrible and an affront to nature. Take Dungeons and Dragons, it was given bad PR through the Satanic Panic and I wanted to amp up that feeling of discomfort and fear,

Traditional Japan/ Victorian London
Caitlynn P (11th)

I want to show my love for Japanese culture. Each project focuses on some concept of either Japanese culture or something cryptic/ Victorian era. Victorian era London has a big impact on me and contributes to my love for Victorian theme corrupts.  My collage really focuses on the Japanese festival.

How I See the World
Cameron F. (11th)

My concentration is how I see the world, what I see on a daily basis, but also different opinions, news or even what’s going on in my life. My collage is a camera with lots of pictures that I have taken of my family, friends, animals, and vacations. I have also taken and saved articles. This relates to my concentration because this is how I see the world through my camera. A camera captures moments and the mirror is to see yourself because the person taking it isn’t in the pictures and it's saying, how do you see yourself.

Eastern Beauty
Lexandra D. (11th)

The theme is eastern nature. This could be plants or animals, which I love both. I was researching the national figures of eastern countries, but mostly Japan. I took Japan’s national fish, the koi, and wanted to make a nature based collage. I made cherry blossoms for the koi’s fins, which is Japan’s national flower/tree. I tried to make all of the colors go together but also including some naturalism with green plants.

Pastels & Things that Make me Happy
Emi M. (12th)

Just like with my other projects, this turtle was unwanted trash, probably forgotten about in a drawer for years, that I wanted to give new life as a result of me over sympathizing with inanimate objects. He had unrealized potential. The cabochons glued to him were forgotten on my part, as well. I really wanted to get into making resin objects, ordered too many decorations, and since have been sitting around for upwards of two years. I already had a million hobbies to do and not enough time to do them. It feels good to finally put some of those objects to use.

Teenage Anxiety
Blane D. (12th)

My concentration is focused on anxiety. As a teenager anxiety feels like the world is crashing. I wanted to turn this ugly feeling into something beautiful. For my collage, I was trying to explain the “gross'' side of anxiety. I wanted my piece to be somewhat messy and disorganized. I wanted to include a lot of eyes because I struggle with social anxiety and when I am surrounded by a crowd it feels like everyone is watching you and judging you. When you feel like you are being looked at and judged your brain gets in a crazy mess. My found object sculpture dives into both the semi-dark and light sides of anxiety.

Cyberpunk Dystopian
Megan S. (12th)

Cyberpunk Dystopian typically includes imagery such as neon lights, robot-like structures, futuristic yet old decade scenery, fantasy planets, and social dilemmas.

I think our world at the moment has bits and pieces of this dystopia. There are more cars becoming easier to drive with less work, cell phones have been updated like crazy along with buildings, computers, and lots more. There are a lot of devices and engineering that has been transformed into future like structures. There’s a lot that could make you believe, we’re in the future.

Carly N. (12th)

My collage project relates to my overall theme of Buddhism by having Buddha my main focus in this project. I created a garden of flowers and greenery around him to show the beauty that Buddha creates.

Nature Explorer
Briah H. (11th)

I love nature. It is so relaxing and very peaceful to look at. I tried to create this throughout my projects. I researched various mountains and pattern designs. I included red roses, leaves that are green, and the moon and animals that all contribute to the feeling. For my found object sculpture, I included butterflies because butterflies come from nature and are around throughout different seasons.

CDs & Art
Tristen T. (11th)

In my concentration, I have some of my favorite albums/CDs that I own, surrounded by art I’ve made before, and when I make art a lot of my creative flow comes from the music I listen to, whether it’s related to it or not. In my collage it's basically a homage to my favorite band Citizen, with each aspect being a reference to the album covers. In this collage I decided to place myself in it, as I feel a strong connection with the music I listen to daily, as without it my flow of art wouldn’t be the way it is. My found object sculpture is basically how I feel when inscribing music into my art. It is grotty, messy, and intentionally all over the place.

Color & Friends
Al M. (11th)

The main basis of my concentration is color and friends. I want to find ways to convey personal parts of my friendships through symbolism and the tone of color. Using the personal stones of my friendships I want to show the world the intricate moments of life-sonder. I want people to question how they are presented in the world and how others are presented to them.

Trip Down Memory Lane
Roger G. (11th)

My concentration is about my love of cartoons, more specifically older ones. I wanted to take a trip down memory lane through cartoons and comics throughout each piece of art.

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