AP Art & Design Portfolios

In AP Art & Design, students work throughout the semester to create a well rounded Art Portfolio that they may present in a Final AP Art Showcase and submission to the AP Exam Board for college credit. Students must establish inquiry questions, fully develop a concentration, show experimentation, revision and the highest level of art skill.


You are welcome to join us for the official AP Art & Design Exhibition at LEAD on May 22nd from 3-7pm. 


By: Sadie M. (12th)

AP 2D Art & Design

Facilitated by: Ms. Jury

"How can I depict the inner chaos, destruction and distortion of negative self-image?" 


Much of high school was spent silently battling the inner chaos of my negative self-image. Mirrors only played into the distortion and irrational perception of my physical features. I have worked to avert these inner battles and welcome self-love.

My original inquiry depicted this full transition but was revised to focus solely on conveying inner chaos. I found this process empowering and beneficial to my personal growth. I experimented with hands pulling and manipulating to highlight dissatisfaction of physical features and the urge to distort features to make something different. I practiced anatomy to properly execute distorted features and jumbled teeth in a way that truly touches on the inner chaos I experienced. 

My first pieces  were not as unsettling as I wished so I revised by layering in charcoal, paint pens, and acrylic paint pouring for texture. My color story also transformed from bright chaotic colors to more fleshy tones. I began experimenting with SFX scars. I practiced on myself then applied these techniques to the broken mirror to reflect the uncomfortable reality of dealing with these inner issues and create synthesis.

"How can I further develop my characters’ depth through tarot cards?”

Digital character design is a passion of mine. I wanted to utilize my characters through an outlet that is practical and speaks to their depth. This led to my inquiry statement, “How can I further develop my characters’ depth through tarot cards?” I aimed to show character depth by also subtly utilizing the dual meanings of each card.

I practiced by drawing my characters in various settings while creating rich storylines in my mind of how the characters interact in their world. I researched and paired characters with tarot cards. I revised the compositions, attempting to give a more intimate depiction.  I experimented in a medium I am not used to, acrylic paint. I used gold paint for geometric lines and shapes to add contrast and give the illusion of a card. I incorporated this geometry in my Photoshop works.  Based on feedback, I revised the Justice Card to add the sinister element of the character. I experimented with depicting characters of various personalities such as illusive, manipulative and passionate. Finally, I synthesized through the use of rich characters, subtle details, and strong unifying geometric elements in my final tarot cards.


By: Robin G.  (12th)

AP 2D Art & Design

Facilitated by: Ms. Jury