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Oil Painting Workshop

Evelyn's Story

The passage below was written by Evelyn Headley, a 9th grade student at LEAD Innovation Studios. Evelyn explains how she got involved in the making of this beautiful website, as well as how it's been, helping to put this website together. 

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How it All Began

For Evelyn, at least. 

Hi, I’m Evelyn Headley and I’m a Freshman at LEAD. I was introduced to this website through my Art teacher Mrs. Jury and my Design Thinking Teacher, Mr. Blanton. I was coming up with an idea for a Passion Project for Design Thinking, and my idea for an online art festival, was almost identical to an already in production website for LEAD Art. The two teachers asked me if I wanted to help build and compile the website, and I agreed. I have mostly been in charge of gathering information and feedback from Featured Artists, teachers, and others that will eventually be on the website. I have created almost two whole pages on this website, the Meet The Makers Page and this page, Evelyn’s Story. I edit a lot of other pages from time to time, but they are more controlled by Mrs. Jury. I am usually not this outgoing when it comes to school related events and projects, I like to stay in my comfortable little bubble. This was a step out of the bubble, for me. I’ve never been so visible in front of the Student eye before, I’ve never really felt this accomplished or this involved. This opportunity gave me a look into a possible career path for me, showed me what it’s like to work with a professional group in a professional setting, how to work more on my own and how to know when I’m doubting myself. Overall, this has been an amazing project, I am thankful for this opportunity and for the staff who helped me.

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