Design & Draw

An introductory course that introduces students to a variety of media such as drawing, painting and graphic design.

Beauty in Contrast

Facilitated by Ms. Anderson

Artists in Design & Draw created original still life with several items that represented part of their personality in graphite. They then added a twist with a contrasting item in color to represent another side of themselves

Scratchboard Animals

Facilitated by Ms. Anderson

Design & Draw artists chose an animal they felt represented them in some way and focused closely on texture to create realistic animal portraits using an etching technique on scratchboard.

Watercolor Landscapes

Facilitated by Ms. Anderson

Design & Draw artists took a look at a variety of landscape images looking at foreground, middle ground, and background before picking on for their artwork. Each artist then practiced some color mixing before getting to work on a watercolor landscape that creates a sense of depth and space. 

Heritage/ Culture Patterns

Facilitated by Ms. Anderson

After experimenting with a variety of traditional media, Design & Draw artists tried their hand at some Graphic Design using Adobe Illustrator. Students chose a part of their heritage or a culture they are a part of to represent in a pattern. They researched imagery and color schemes iconic to that heritage/culture and used them as inspiration for their own original pattern designs.

Community Activism Artwork

Facilitated by Ms. Anderson

"There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about."   - Margaret J Wheatley


Design & Draw artists discussed issues our local, national, and world community are facing and created artworks to bring awareness to these issues. Students took time to investigate and research their issue topic and consider what symbolism would best represent their issue and message. They then took to graphite and colored pencil to help create contrast and emphasis that helps to push their message.

Facilitated by Ms. Jury

Online Design & Draw Portfolios

At the conclusion of Design & Draw online, students were asked to compile their artwork and self- reflection into their own Art Portfolio Website. Click on the following names to see their final portfolio.