Educating Educators by: Leah K. (11th)

Facilitated by Mrs. Scott

For my LEAD Connect project, I worked with students across the KC area and asked the question, “how can we get teachers to better support students of color?” Our research showed over 50% of students have experienced a micro-aggression, over 50% of students have felt discriminated against because of their skin or heritage, and 14.4% of students do not have a space in school where they feel comfortable. Our plan is to create a 5-day virtual experience for educators consisting of guest speakers, self-paced learning, and an all day KC-based experience at local museums—all focused on providing resources for BIPOC students.

LEAD Butterfly Garden by: Easton W. (11th)

Facilitated by Mrs. Scott

For my LEAD Connect project during the 2020-2021 school year, I am building a butterfly garden. I'm envisioning a nice place for caterpillars to go through metamorphosis in. Caterpillars have a greater survival rate if taken in by humans and cared for. Milkweed is the only thing Monarch caterpillars eat. This project is a way for us at LEAD to do our part to help the butterflies.