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Bonus Showcase Projects

But wait, there's more! Here are some additional outstanding projects from various classes and opportunities at LEAD.

Bonus: News
Image by Ian Schneider

Emerging Leaders/ Design Thinking

Check out the outstanding Passion Projects  from LEAD's Emerging Leaders and Design Thinking classes. 

Sammy B. (9th)

Mara K. (9th)    

Carter T. (9th)

Grace O. (9th)

Bonus: Image

LEAD Connect Cookbook 

Madeline Wolford (11th) is working on her very own cookbook dedicated to family recipes. Here's an example of one of the recipe pages. 

Bonus: Image
Image by Jeison Higuita

Northland CAPS Digital Media and Design internship

Owen Mustain (11th) shot these jazz videos for his NCAPS internship with Jazz Sister Cities, a nonprofit organization trying to help bring jazz into popularity in Kansas City, MO. They showcase a year-long event for the 100th birth year of famous jazz musician Charlie Parker called Searching for Charlie Parker. This event is a year-long event that moves around the world connecting with other jazz musicians to find Charlie Parker in where they live.

Bobby Watson Artist Video
Searching for Charlie Parker Event 
Szczecin Jazz Artist Video 

In addition, Owen made this documentary about a mission trip he took with his church to Guatemala to help paint a kitchen for a small school in Chichicastenango. This video was also a passion project for Owen and this was made as a project for my Northland CAPS Digital Media and Design internship. 

Guatemala Documentary

Bonus: Image
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