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LEAD Art Showcase

A virtual art gallery celebrating the creativity of LEAD's art students.

Art Show 19-20: News

Design & Draw

An introductory course that introduces students to a variety of media such as drawing, painting and graphic design.

Adian M Surrealism 1.png

Intermediate Drawing

An advanced course that dives into a variety of drawing techniques including realistic portraiture, detailed studies and larger abstractions.


Graphic Design

An advanced course that focuses on understanding the foundation of graphic design such as typography, branding and photo editing through both hand drawing and Adobe Photoshop/ Illustrator.

Superintendent Art Award

Congratulations to Ben Kiser & Gwenyth Steele who won the Superintendent Art Award for LEAD this year! Their projects will be framed and on display at Central Office for the next year.


Ben Kiser (9th)

Landscape Painting


Gwenyth Steele (10th)



Featured Artist

 A handful of artists were selected to enter their artist statement and image to be featured as stand out artists. 


Distance Learning Sketchbooks

Throughout distance learning students have been challenged to participate in various creative sketchbook prompts. 

A Message from Ms. Jury

Salvador Dali once said "a true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others." I am inspired everyday by the creativity, craftsmanship, growth from so many of our LEAD art students. Although my heart is sad that we cannot have our traditional Art Showcase and District Art Fair, I am excited to share all of the incredible work on a platform that may reach far beyond our community. Please feel free to share this showcase with friends and family everywhere. I'm so proud of these hardworking artists!

mrs jury for blurb.jpg
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