LEAD Art Showcase

A virtual art gallery celebrating the creativity of LEAD's art students.

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Design & Draw

An introductory course that introduces students to a variety of media such as drawing, painting and graphic design.

Intermediate Drawing

An advanced course that dives into a variety of drawing techniques including realistic portraiture, detailed studies and larger abstractions.

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An advanced course that focuses on a variety of painting techniques such as watercolor, portrait and mixed media works.

Mixed Media

An advanced course that focuses on experimentation with a variety of media including found object sculptures, clay paper reliefs, printmaking and weaving.

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Graphic Design

An advanced course that focuses on understanding the foundation of graphic design such as typography, branding and photo editing through both hand drawing and Adobe Photoshop/ Illustrator.

AP Art & Design

This year was our first year at LEAD to support AP Art & Design. We had two outstanding Seniors create full portfolios over the course of the Spring semester.