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Facilitated by Mrs. Farber

LEAD Mind's Eye Audio Tour

Seniors in Mrs. Farber's Composition and Reading class studied the Guggenheim Museum’s Mind’s Eye audio tour–a project that provides a tour of the museum to the blind or low-vision. 

Where the Guggenheim is a building of unique architecture, LEAD is a high school quite unique as well. Our LEAD Mind’s Eye guide features LEAD students’ voices and uses precise, descriptive language to convey the building’s architecture and the sensorial experience of moving to, through, and around the building. All descriptive observations were written and recorded by Composition and Reading students.

Mind's Eye: A Sensory Guide to LEAD Innovation Studio

1. Approach (written by Madi Whalen)
2. Sound (written by Otto Beers & Madi McNearney)
3. Flow of Lead (written by JD Roberts)
4. Light (written by Caleigh Albani)
5. Suspension (written by Kat Etheridge)
6. Halls (written by Easton Waller)
Mind's Eye Phoebe Monsees
8. Cafeteria (written by Leah Maxwell)
9. Outdoors (written by Megan Lee)
10. Mood (written by Cameron Farber)
Sarah Scott.jpg

Perspective Drawings  

Evie Headley.jpg

Intermediate Drawing

Facilitated by Mrs. Burright

Sarah Scott (11th)

Evie Headley (11th)

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